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    Just wondering about the proper way to use products like Anti-Icky-Poo, Natures Miracle & Petastic. If a puppy soils his bedding do you put this stuff in the wash with detergent? How about wood floors. Do you mix it with water and mop or spray the area after you clean it? Do you find a vinegar and water mix to be as effective? I am just confused about the proper way to use it and I read the direction. They talk about soaking carpet but I don't have carpet.


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    I'd wash the bedding in hot water, detergent and bleach, though I'm sure throwing in a bit of Nature's Miracle wouldn't hurt either.

    I've had to use Nature's Miracle straight on my wood floors (a house guest of ours had a bit of an accident). I sprayed it directly, let it sit, then wiped it up.


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