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    This email is to let you know that our new dog toy "Mr Poops" has been pre-filmed to be featured on the "Tonight Show with J-Leno" tonight Firday October 19th. J Leno does a segment on his show called "Ptich to America" and the audience gets to see new products and vote on their possible success. Imagine what he could possible say when we try to Pitch Poo ! ( Laugh)

    We are sending this email early, but we will not be confirmed on the show till late this afternoon. We hope you will watch the show to see if our product is slected and laugh with us as we "Pitch to America" . As a Thank you for being such a great customer and supporting us we have issued a coupon to get you $8 off any purchase.

    $8 off - COUPON Code : jleno

    (no spaces)
    (coupon Good for ANY product on our site even the ones less tha $8)

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    Thanks I have a bunch of Tuffies they hold up pretty well concidering how they play with them.


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