Growth Spurts?
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Thread: Growth Spurts?

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    DefaultGrowth Spurts?

    So my normally very hyper bounce off the walls, bite me tilll I bleed, do anyhting he can to make me angry puppy is sleeping? This may sound strange but lately when he is out of "puppy world" hes bitey never lays down and just plan ornery. Does it sound weird or is it just me? Our routine hasnt changed at all today besides me not having to give him any time outs. So is it maybe because hes growing, does it happen that fast? Also, im slowly switching food, its been a week so far does the pooping change too? he went 2 times yesterday ( morning/evening) Normally its 3.

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: Growth Spurts?

    They sleep when they grow. Growing takes a lot out of a body.

    Yes the pooping can change when you switch foods.



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