Trip to the bike trail
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Thread: Trip to the bike trail

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    DefaultTrip to the bike trail

    I took Bogey to the bike trail today. Just to give him somthing different than our same old walk. We did about half mile( didnt want to wear him completly out) , on our way back there was a girl and a huge hairy beast of a dog! So I thought ok good test, see if he listens. He heeled perfectly (as good as can be expected) the other dog on the other hand was not so good. He wrapped his chain aroud this girl about 5 times, barking, jumping.Needless to say I was praying the whole time that her chain wasnt going to bust. :-\ Bogey did let out a little bark but that was all. I'm a little afraid to go back, but he had sooo much fun checkin out the new place.

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: Trip to the bike trail

    good boy bogey!
    glad you all enjoyed your new adventure!


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