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    I know this is morning and breakfast time, but here goes.

    We got Barney (year old male) Sunday. He had spent a week at my brother's in Tennessee, after coming from his original home in South Carolina. He stayed there while we were out of town. Meaning he had eaten new food at my brother's and then new food with us. Big change in diet, I guess. The first morning he was here, Monday, he chewed the ear off a toy. I don't know what it's called but it's made out of red Kong material (not sure Kong but that's what it looks like) and it has a smaller squeak body with a smaller head and two ears. I can't say for sure he ate the ear but it was gone. Barney weighs about 85 pounds. He has had loose stools since he's been here. But formed up into piles. Like you would build a mud pie.

    Anyway, last night is the first time he didn't eat. This morning he was hunting grass and threw up. Then he had a stool. It was loose and mucosy but the end was starting to form up, which was the first form I've seen. He hasn't acted like he wants to eat this morning, but he is gathering up toys and trying to start play with Bailey. Does this sound like the ear might be up in there irritating him or maybe just getting used to the food? We're feeding him Eukanuba Labrador food and he eats it like he likes it fine. I just want to be aware of some signs. He's sleeping great and playing great other than the loose piles, and they are coming at normal times and not just constantly.

    thanks for any input.

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    DefaultRe: signs of an obstruction

    It doesn't sound like an obstruction, but I would rest his tummy for a bit. Then make him chicken and rice for a day or two until you get some formed poops again. Introduce his food back slowly. Also make sure you are not overfeeding he eating two meals or one? Also, has he been dewormed or had his stool checked for worms? That can cause loose stools, too.


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