How to chose a name for AKC registration?
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Thread: How to chose a name for AKC registration?

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    DefaultHow to chose a name for AKC registration?

    Hi everyone. I am a very new Lab owner (just 2 days). We love Sam a lot already. My husband & I and my 2 daughters have tossed names around for a few weeks, long before we ever brought him home. Anyway, it's probably dull but Sam just seemed fitting. He came with documents to register him w/ AKC and a pretty nice pedigree ( I think). I have never had any experience with AKC but notice most names are longer or have a special twist to them. He will be a family pet and not used for show, but I intend to register him. I was just wondering if the "fancy" names are necessary. Just for example...a name I saw in Sams history was "ownername's smokin sam" (not sure if it's ok to post the real owner name). We've discussed a few options but not sure what to do for names. Of course, he will always be called just plain old Sam I'm sure.

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    DefaultRe: How to chose a name for AKC registration?

    A registered name can be a personal thing. I allow my puppy buyers to choose their name, but I approve them. It must contain my kennel name and not be something that I'd be ashamed to see on the dog. No Airheads, Runamucks, etc. (yes I had those until I started approving the names)

    One of my puppy buyers names their puppies to include their last names. They name them similar to what they would name a child. They have two of mine and one is **** James Patrick Lastname the other one is **** Thomas Tobias Lastname

    I personally tend to name after things I like. For instance I like hockey so a couple of my dogs are named with hockey terms.

    **** Hat Trick
    **** Slap Shot
    **** Two For Roughing
    **** Fire On Ice
    **** Enforcer
    **** Penalty Shot
    **** Biscuit

    So thinking up names can be a personal thing based on what you want to do.


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    DefaultRe: How to chose a name for AKC registration?

    Well when we brought home Tucker he was always all tuckered out. So his name is (Mylastname) All Tuckered Out, remember to be unique or the akc will add numbers to the end of your name.

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    DefaultRe: How to chose a name for AKC registration?

    I'd make it unique to you. Do you have any hobbies, favorite movies/books/music, favorite actors, places, etc? Did the breeder have a theme for the litter (all names that start with "A", Broadway show names, etc)? That's a place to start.

    Here is the link to my favorite naming website that is sure to start the creative juices flowing...


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