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    She had to have a puppy and it just seemed like when we got him it was like she was in it for the cute furball stage. Now that he is bigger she still loves him but she never takes him on walks or really plays with him.... meaning fetch/walking/sit and stay stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwn4whadever
    Quote Originally Posted by gabbys mom
    Why can't you take two classes?

    Most of the time there is a weeknight one offered and a Saturday one offered. One of you take the weeknight one and the other one of you take the Saturday one. If thats not the case, why don't you find another place that has a similar style of training that you're comfortable with that has a puppy class you can take on a different night?

    Also, you can enter AKC rally at six months, so if he is doing loose leash walking/heeling, etc, with you- maybe you can find a rally class and she can do the puppy class.

    Young dogs are sponges- just keep it fun and he'll be fine with two classes.
    That would be great but my work sked and having the girls wont allow us to take to classes. Wont rally at that age be bad his his joints and plates. I just really feels like she is stealing my work, as selfish as that may sound. :
    No, rally would be fine on his joints. The first level of rally is "on the flat" meaning no jumps. Once you get your first rally title, then worry about the jumps in the next level.

    Plus, the highest they have to jump in rally is one jump at 16 inches. Most labs jump that in their daily play.

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