Multiple Dog Owners
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Thread: Multiple Dog Owners

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    DefaultMultiple Dog Owners

    How do you do it? How do you find time for more than one dog?

    I've been dog sitting for over a week and i love maiah with all my heart but cannot figure out how you all make it work. I realize that with more time we would establish more of a routine. but I would want to spend one on one time with each (at least one class/activity) but can't figure out how I could do that AND exercise the other one afterwards (and before)?

    Plus some of you have children and volunteer work and other stuff on top of the dogs! YIKES! I'm single and have just me and whatever dog is with me to worry about
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    Well, I am not single, we are just old. The kids are gone. So it is just DW and myself. Oooops! and Hershey Kisses of course. We provide care for my sons 95 lb, yellow when they are out of town. A weekend here and there, and two months ago for a week. I love Newman also, he is usually a very quiet gentle dog that spends a lot of time sleeping. But when these two get together it is non-stop motion if they aren't separated. One week and I am totoally worn out. Constant walks, trips to dog parks, play time outside, play time inside, grooming Newman (A continual fur factory), feed, walk , poop patrol. I don't knowhow the folks with 2, 3,4, 5 dogs do it.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    Merlot_1 Guest

    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    Well, number one, I lose an hour sleep every day I have to get up an hour early to walk both dogs before I go to work. I spend my money for extra dog food, treats, toys, etc, and have no money left for beer and cigs :'( So owning TWO dogs has only made me happy and healthy. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    Tanya, I know! It is SO much harder with two for that reason. I never feel like I'm spending enough time with each one. :-[ Takes up so much more time training, especially.

    But, the flip side is, if you have two, they can entertain each other some of the time.

    Connie and "The Boys":
    Angus, Yellow Lab, CGC, RE, CD
    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    You just make it you do with children. Between my children, dogs, and cats, I feel like I don't spend enough time with any of them. I stay up late and give the pups extra attention. The cats come to us and demand attention when they want it. They are all happy though so I guess it is enough. The poor hamster is the one who doesn't get attention, but Boomer is not very nice anyway. lol Give him some toys, food, treats, and he's good. He'll only tolerate being held a few mins at a time before he starts biting. :-\

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    I have my hands full with three of them. We are together most all day long from 7:00 a.m. when I wake up to both Remington and Ruger standing over my head grunting and whining at me (Magnum sleeps in the family room, Ruger and Remington sleep in my bed with me).... until 3:00 p.m. when I'm off to work.

    We have a very set routine. Breakfast and then out to the field by 9:00. There I work on Obedience, Agility, and just playing with the dogs. I work them one on one for short periods of time (have to tie Remington to a fence post). After about an hour or longer we go back up to the house and swim for another hour. Then they are basically ready to crash for the rest of the day and I can do other things around the house/yard.

    I show them as well, and drag all three to various places. Thankfully they ride very well in their crates in the Trailblazer.

    Every now and then I will take just one of them on special outings. Last week Magnum went hiking with me at Magnolia Gardens. In November Ruger and I have an agility seminar. And Remington and I have an agility seminar too.

    You just learn to manage them.

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    I always walk mine together but I like to have one on one time with them also, so every now and then if Abbie goes outside I keep Aries in with me, and vice versa. Here a couple weeks ago, I took Abbie to be groomed (usuallu I do it) but I thought they would enjoy it so she was gone for a couple of hours and Aries
    got some extra tlc, when i picked Abbie up she got a new toy and the next day it was Aries turn.

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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    I went from 1 to 2 dogs last year.
    Honestly, I find it easier to have two dogs rather than one and we will likely never just be a one dog household again.
    Lucy is much more content in many ways and the focus is no longer on us 100% of the time. They play together everyday and keep each other company.
    I walk them both together everyday and I try and take Lucy out on solo walks or rides in the car once in a while. And sometimes I bring Cricket to daycare and spend the day with Lucy alone.
    The hardest part was leaving Lucy home when I was taking Cricket to obedience classes.

    I had 3 for a few months last summer (my mom's senior dog stayed with us while she recooperated from knee surgery). What made that hard was that his health was failing, he could not climb stairs and was incontinent...I had to take him out seperately for walks, take him out a seperate entrance for potty breaks....I was very difficult but we made it work. I think he enjoyed the girls company.
    When my family gets together for Holidays we have all the dogs here..up to 6 dogs..I LOVE IT!! and they have a blast! I don't want them to leave.
    At some point I would like to have another dog in the house, but we are not quite ready yet.

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    *points to her right palm*

    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    It can be difficult to find enough time but my crew entertains themselves a lot too. Seamus, Libby, Teddie and Jake play a lot together which helps. I find having more than one helps a lot.


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    DefaultRe: Multiple Dog Owners

    I'll never have just one. Although Bella is stuborn and only
    wants to play with Lilo on her terms : they love each
    other and have each other. It is hard spending my time
    with them since I have a 20 month old son now, but
    they have my one on one attention during my son's
    nap time and then they know once Connor goes to bed
    that it's our time to walk, run, play, you name it.

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