I'm trying to email everyone who gave me permission to include a photograph, but since I'm doing it one at a time it's taking a little while.

Here is some information, also...

The calendars go to final print next week. WHEW!

It is a VERY colorful calendar, and full of so much information and many, many photos. I'm very excited about it, and so is the city because it's "the" calendar our city is promoting this year. Yippee!

Anyway, the first run of calendars will be available by the week of Oct. 22nd. You can keep an eye out on our website for more information on the calendars. Note, they still have the 2007 calendar listed there. You want to watch for information on the 2008 calendar.


Or, if you want any further information, please personal message me anytime.

AND - if I don't reach you by personal email, I apologize. I lost my appointment book two months ago, and I had alot of names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses that were lost with it. So if I said I would contact you, and don't, please accept my apologies. Losing that book was a terrible ordeal.

AND - Legend and Lillie's mom: you were one of them. Please personal message me.

OH! And I wasn't able to use all the pictures I wanted too, unfortunately. But I tried to include as many as possible.

Thanks to all!!!