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Thread: Worms

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    My latest foster is quite a challenge. He has gone from kennel cough to heartworms and now finally hookworms and roundworms. Kennel cough cleared up a while back, heartwork treatment is over, and we just discovered his parasite problem today. All of this on top of his "behavioral problems" and his EXTREMELY HIGH energy level.

    The vet has given us medication to clear up the parasites.

    My question is this: How can I prevent him from infecting Ellie? Ellie is not a poop eater (thank goodness) and really steers clear of it. We have been picking up his poop as soon as it hits the ground and throwing a bit of bleach on it. Obviously, not very good for the grass, but I would rather have spots of dead grass than getting my dog sick.

    Is there anything else we can do to prevent him from infecting Ellie?

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    DefaultRe: Worms

    I would de-worm Ellie just to be safe.

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    If you give her heartguard or inteceptor, you should be safe.


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