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    DefaultNeed Some Answers.

    ok has anyone used or heard of a product that helps with dogs urine? as in not burning the grass as much. also is there any product that helps your grass get green or even a little from al the pee spots.

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    DefaultRe: Need Some Answers.

    While there are a number of products on the market (google Drs Fosters and Smith + urine for example) I don't believe that there is any product that can actually help.

    The only foolproof way I know of is to immediately douse your lawn (where the pooch peed) with lots of water.

    Sorry....hopefully, someone else will know of a miracle "cure."

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper

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    DefaultRe: Need Some Answers.

    There is a long thread in thehealth section on this, but it basically coes down to the fact that your dog, like you, has to get rid of its liquid waste, and there is a lot of amonia (i.e. nitrogen) in it, Too much nitrogen, grass burns and dies. I don't think you really want to even try to mess with this part of the dogs bodily function, who knows what the result would be if you were successful.

    I belive the previous poster provided the best cure for your lawn. Take a gallon of water out when it is pee time, and empty on the spot when she is done peeing. The other approach is to work with the dog to go in a specific area, and sacrifice that area to life with a dog.
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