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    Defaultnasty big sister?

    Last Thursday, we got a new 8 week old female, German Shorthaird Pointer. We have a 2 year old chocolate lab. She is very socialized, goes to the dog park, daycare, etc. She has never shown any aggression and when she does not want to be around a dog, she just avoids the dog. She does get possessive over the tennis ball, but just snarls and that is usually the end of it. She has never biten another dog.

    So we get a puppy. We took our lab to get her and have taken them on a couple of walks together. She has mostly avoided the puppy. The couple of times the puppy got close to her, our lab just kind of growled and showed her teeth. It never involved a toy, food, treat, etc.

    This morning, when I was bringing them in from the outside, the pup got to close and jumbed up towards her face. Our lab whipped around a bit her. It is a small puncture, broke the skin, but no blood. I quickly scooped up the puppy that was crying and told Puddy, "bad girl". She then sulked up to bed.

    I am totally sickened by this behavior. What should we do to correct it? It is not as if we can make them friends, but I am so worried that they will never be. I have tried not to intefer and let them work it out, but after this bite I am not sure what to do.

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    DefaultRe: nasty big sister?

    I am sure there are others with more knowledge. We had our son's dog over the day HK came home for the first time, and what we think was a food possessive response resulted in a trip to the emergency vets. These two dogs are best buddies today. I guess the message is, it can be worked out.

    Our method, constant close supervision. Never fed in the same room. Deliberate interaction betwen pup and adult. Adult needs to be taught to tolerate adult, Pup need to learn that it can't bite the adult. Bitey face is going to happen, adult dhould be teaching pu p the limits if it hasn't learned yet. But we have to supervise and be ready to intervene before an aggressive bite happens.
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    DefaultRe: nasty big sister?

    When we got Dakota, we had to keep him away from Kelly, our older (14 YO) Akita-Shepherd mix, this was for weeks and weeks. Kelly tends to be agressive with other dogs. When he was a bit bigger, we'd let them out together and watch them, Kelly would snarl a bit, growl at him and try to bite him When Dakota got big enough, maybe around 4-5 months old..we had a fence installed. The day it was finished, we let them both out together. From that point on, things went pretty well, she would still snarl a bit..but they've become..not buddies, but she tolerates him now and I think at times..would even play with him if she was a bit younger. I'd say keep them apart till your lab gets used to the pup and when the puppy is a bit older, let them together only under supervision. It may take a few months for her to get used to the new one..also make sure she gets the same attention she always did. We are surprised that it worked out so well for us, we weren't sure we could ever let them be together..but now they stay together in our bathroom when we go out..and they go out side together. I will say, over the years, we've had two females at the same time..and they did not do that well together.
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    DefaultRe: nasty big sister?

    And there are ONE owner dogs that DON"T want another dog in the house. When I tried to get a playmate for my first lab, Sam, it just didn't work out. When Sam was three, I brought home a beautiful 6 month old female Great Dane from a shelter, and Sam HATED her. He would lunge at her, growl and try to bite to bite her every time they got close. this went on for two weeks, both dogs were miserable, and I had to give her back to the shelter :.Maybe I should have given it more time, but I was scared Sam was going to kill her.


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