I need some help with out house mate...
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Thread: I need some help with out house mate...

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultI need some help with out house mate...

    Hes a barker > . he barks at EVERYONE that stands up.. he barks every ten seconds outside.. Its bad!!! I think I am going to try a shake can?!

    Then my question is... My 3 sleep in my room (on the bed). I keep the door open for them so they can come "nap" on the bed. I really want ME and the dogs to have a place to "hide" from Joe. A place to call our home lol. He has roam of the rest of the house.. Is it okay to let my girls in here and shut him out??

    I have a few pictures but Ill have to load them later..

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    budbud is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: I need some help with out house mate...

    Maybe Joe just needs to get use to being in your house but of course if the barking does not stop give the shake can a try and as far as locking him out of the bedroom you will just have to try it he may feel left out and bark even more I hope it works out and he settles in

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    DefaultRe: I need some help with out house mate...

    This is a big change for Joe (and you and your pack). Did you know if he was a barker like this before? --and don't laugh at this next question--what do you think he's trying to tell you?

    Your idea for a shake can is good, but (1) it also might freak out your other dogs and (2) he's already nervous and unsure, this could add to his discomfort. Maybe you could try positive reinforcement--treats when he's quiet. Distract him when he starts to bark and the second he stops barking, treat. rinse and repeat over and over. He may soon learn that not barking, being quiet is good, makes him feel good. I can only imagine that heis trying to find his place in your pack. You're wonderful to take him in.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I need some help with out house mate...

    I might should explain that Joe has been to our house before. he only lived next door and its just been the last few weeks since the the people next door that owned the house fixed the fence.. he was always in our house when the fence was down.
    I use the can on our girls but havent needed to for a while.. We cant use treats with him because of his allergies...

    We gave up shutting him out of the bedroom. Its just easier to let him in.. but tomorrow we are going to try the shake can.

    I did know that he barked outside but this is bad. I think that its just hes excited to be with the girls and wants to play. but so far hes been good and not barking....

    I think as time passes it will be alright..

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    deezeldog Guest

    DefaultRe: I need some help with out house mate...

    Squirting my "attention seeking" barker works very well. All he has to do now is see the squirt bottle and he knows to quiet down. I am not and have never been a fan of the "pennies in a can" thing. I've seen dogs become noise fearful because of it.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I need some help with out house mate...

    I cant use water because he has a fear of water. he is the most afraid dog I have seen when it comes to water..


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