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    I took Boo to my husband's softball game last night. He met a golden, named Gatsby, that he just loved. They chased one another all over the field, played slappy face, and retreived rogue softballs.

    Boo also met a little girl who was 3 or 4. She just adored him! This was the first time that Boo's met a little kid who was interested in interacting with him for an extended period. (He's licked a few babies and neighborhood kids, but that's it.) She followed him all evening and did the typical things that kids do to dogs--pull his tail, kiss his nose, and try to ride him. : Her mom talked to her about these things, but Boo was great with her! He just sat there all waggly, and was very patient and gentle. He didn't get too excited and jump like he does w/ many adults, but he didn't ignore her either.

    It was very sweet and I was very proud of him. :-*

    Katie and Boo

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    DefaultRe: New Friends

    What a good dog, Boo. I love to watch how Labs interact with children. It amazes me how even the rowdiest can be so gentle with the little ones.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
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    DefaultRe: New Friends

    Good boy, Boo.

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    DefaultRe: New Friends

    Boo is such a good boy. Labs and kids....they just go together


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