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Thread: Sorry...another poop question

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    DefaultSorry...another poop question

    Some of you may remember my post from last Sunday saying I came home to Harlee having diarrhea in her crate, she was sick Sunday morning, I went out and bought pumpkin, she was a bit better for a few days and this afternoon she was back to full diarrhea. I thought it was from a knee cap I had given her on Sat, now I am starting to think otherwise.

    She is still getting pumpkin every day and tonight for supper she had chicken and rice and I did enough up for the next few days. Do you guys think this is from the knee cap on Sat even though she was better for a few days? The only other thing that was different was a different Brand of Bully sicks (made in Canada vs US)

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    DefaultRe: Sorry...another poop question

    It could be from something she ate. Maybe the new brand of bully stick didn't agree with her. How is she feeling otherwise?

    I don't want to sound dumb...but what is a knee cap? :

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    DefaultRe: Sorry...another poop question

    I'm not sure what it's from, but Duke had diarrhea a few weeks ago too. I even came home to a big mess on the floor, all liquid. He also threw up a few times. He did not appear to be sick otherwise; still alert and frisky. I gave him pumpkin, rice with meat in small amounts. It lasted for about a week then he was back to normal. My friend's golden also had it which makes me think it's something going around (what the vet said too)
    I hope Harlee gets better soon.


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