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    DefaultJust a quick rant...

    I have posted my thoughts on this before, but for the sake of re-hashing it and perhaps instigating some changes, here it is again.

    Why do some people on this forum feel the need to publicly flame, insult, and ridicule other users for asking simple questions and/or stating their opinions (See the Toshi/Janika drama in Puppy Training, or my previous discussions on Tie Outs)? I can't even count how many times I, myself, have avoided posting something that seriously concerns me at the risk of being ganged up on or implied to be stupid or too sensitive with a bunch of condescending emoticons. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Do we really think we are helping each other this way?

    Most people come here to learn, share experience, and offer advice. The greatest discussions are those in which there are differing opinions, thoughts, and ideas coming from people with a variety of perspectives. Unfortunately I don't think we can ever get that here as we seem to be amongst a few bullies who make this 'public forum' an uncomfortable place to be.

    We should be here here for the collective welfare of the dogs - not to promote our own agendas!!!

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    DefaultRe: Just a quick rant...

    MM - With all due respect, your post is the prototype for any of a gazillion that spring up in controversial threads. To give the speech in a thread of its own is going to do one of two things here: 1) it will achieve exactly what you don't want it to do (incite proverbial riot); OR 2) it will be passed over by a large part of the JL membership.

    I choose not to ignore it, however, I will not incite. Replies do not constitute instigation.

    Let's talk about the dogs now, shall we?

    Seamus and Flynn


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