Evening at the dog park
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Thread: Evening at the dog park

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    DefaultEvening at the dog park

    Me and my two go a few times during the week after work and tend to walk more than stop and play with the other dogs. They prefer it that way.

    Last night, we were going for one more walk around and as we walked to the top of the field this puppy came running towards us and then stops and sits. It is 4 MO Sable, a very pretty yellow lab. Eddie and Fanny go running over to her, about 50 feet away Eddie decides that she must be a bird becuase she hasn't moved and he needs to take care of it. Off he goes, racing up the hill right up to Sable who just sits there watching him. Fanny arrives and butt tucks around Sable!

    All 3 dogs and the 2 humans start walking along, we are chatting and the dogs are having a grand old time. Sable thinks my two are just the greatest! Eddie is ignoring her, he is jealous, Fanny is playing with her. We get to the gate, I am going right and they are going left, Sable decides she is coming home with us! I had to walk back to the gate and wait for a few minutes so that she got the idea she wasn't coming home with us!

    Oh she is so cute! All I wanted to do was cuddle her.........

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    DefaultRe: Evening at the dog park

    You have to take your camera & get a picture of the three of them. Sounds like a fun evening.


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