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    I have a little problem. Drake is dribbling when he gets excited. He did this when he was really little and then stopped and lately he has been doing it again when people come into the house. . . he just dribbled on my sister's foot. . . yikes! Her friend who loves all animals told her "don't worry, urine is sterile." I thought I was going to die! Will he stop his as he gets older? He is six months old and is not scared of anything, timid, or afraid and never rolls over on his back. Very happy little guy. . . too happy if he is dribbling. Help! I've not had this problem with any of my others.

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    I don't have males but once in a while my girls will dribble when someone comes to the house & they are very excited. Maybe someone else with males will answer.

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    Sorry, no info on boys either. Stella (my female Bully) does it EVERY time she's excited. Just yesterday, she peed on my nephews new sneakers, as he walked in.....I thought he would vomit. LOL
    Brenda from Connecticut


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