kaytris raises an excellent point and in fact if I have to counsel somebody that animal they have selected is probably NOT a good fit I try to provide options for them as the last thing I want to see happen is have somebody go and support a mill or petstore ... on the other hand I am not very specific usually about why I am saying no... I don't want to "educate" people about the best lies to get an animal

now lots of rescues are happy to say "no" and leave it at that but a little research will nearly always find an animal in need of help

I must say while petfinder is a blessing in many ways I also find it a curse as people insist that "THAT dog" is the one for them - based ENTIRELY on a picture... if the fit is lousy they just can't see past the pic... I am fostering a tough to place dog- one the best looking aussies I've ever seen - but I KNOW putting her on petfinder would mean saying no a zillion times and I'd annoy a lot of people so I'm trying to find an alternative way to get her "out" there

go for it - just remember not to take it personally - a lot of us are affected by prior experience.. I'm hesitant to adopt to certain situations that might not bother somebody else at all because of previous experience and I'll probably adopt to somebody else if their issue has never caused an issue for an animal I'm letting go while it might be a BIG problem for somebody else
if that make any sense at all