UPDATE on dry heaving
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    hey ya'll! i just wanted to say thanks for the replies in my previous post and sorry that i hadn't replied back my internet has been down > just wanted to update ya'll about my dogs dry heaving/coughing - well it's completely stopped which i'm glad i just think she wasn't feeling good, she had mucus in her throat so that was the problem but it's cleared up now and gone. i bought her some medicine from 1800petmeds, it got here a couple days ago and she wasn't coughing anymore by then - go figure lol.

    i'm glad i have the medicine for the future if she gets not to feeling good again. but i'm just glad she's feeling better. even though i'm still not sure how exactly she got sick, i'm guessing maybe our other dog he's got allergies and is always sneezing and coughing - i had a cold myself but i'm not sure if dogs can catch a cold from a human ::shrugs::

    xoxo christin xoxo

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    DefaultRe: UPDATE on dry heaving

    I am glad she is feeling better.


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