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    DefaultAnother dog park question

    Guinness gets to go to the park after dinner at night for fetch and play. There is a golden retriever about the same age (10 mos) there and they always gravitate to each other for a rousing game of bitey face. They won't leave each other alone. Tonight Guinness has his harness on but was leash free and they were going at it. The Golden was on top and then there was yelping from Guinness, but the golden had some blood on her face. Checked Guinness' mouth and didn't see anything - no wound visible on the Golden. I felt terrible. Thinking maybe we shouldn't go there as I don't want Guinness to be looked at as a toughie, but I can't keep him away from this dog. He runs and plays with the others too, but not nearly to the same level of snapping etc. Neither seems to be upset by it, but after that they did stay away from each other for a while. Thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: Another dog park question

    The golden may have gotten caught in the harness. I would take it off if they are rough housing. Also collars. A jaw can get caught real fast and it could be critical. There have been stories on JL about dogs getting caught and dieing.

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    DefaultRe: Another dog park question

    If the owner of the golden was ok, i'd go back. But as said above - take off the harness.

    I hate when people leave prongs and chokers on their dogs. Rocky ALWAYS goes for the collar during "play fight". He was playing with a dobi one day (who is the best dog) who had a prong - luckily the owner took it off (realizing that could happen) but i wish it was more habit (get to park, remove training collar)

    There is also nothing wrong with working with your dog. Teaching her that you can put an end to the game (or rather, "time out" to relax"). I can almost always call Rocky out of a play fight with a few words which is important.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Another dog park question

    What Tanya said. Definitely take off the harness. Phoebe used to really be into going for collars and we would remove them when she was playing with a doggie friend that she was really excited about playing with, and taught her about time-outs. We would call her away from time to time. If they keep going back for more play they are both probably fine.
    Becca & Phoebe

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    DefaultRe: Another dog park question

    It should be a dog-park rule, to take leashes and stuff off .. And about the blood, well rough play! ;D


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