The carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!
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Thread: The carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!

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    DefaultThe carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!

    We have had Athena (2 years old) babygated in our finnihsed basement for 7 months and she has been perfect. We have the TV on for her and she also has her Kong and another toy. I came home and found she had been chewing at the carpet!!!!! I think she is getting bored. We really don't want to crate her again because she has been so good up to this point. On weekends when we leave she gets the run of the house for up to 6 hours and is fine. She LOVES staring out the window for hours on end. So...we are going to try letting her have run of the house, we did this before she was a month old and found she was not ready. She chewed our surround system speakers up!!! Now that she is 2 we will try again. She will be able to look out the window and give her more toys. Kinda scary because we have new carpet upstairs. She is totally fine when we are home.
    what do you guys think??

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    DefaultRe: The carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!

    Well, I'd be willing to bet that she was getting bored and that's why she chewed the carpet. Are there no windows down in the basement for her to look out of ? My dogs LOVE to sit and look out the windows..... I guess you will have to trust her and see what happens.

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    DefaultRe: The carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!

    How attached are you to that carpet..?

    I think I'd be more worried about her ingesting something and getting an obstruction or something awful like that. (but then, I worry. :-[)

    Good luck!
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    DefaultRe: The carpet is NOT a chew toy!!!!

    Well, Merlot is almost two and he would destroy my whole house if I didn't walk him for at least TWO hours before I left for work! They get bored real easy at that age. A tired lab is a good lab.


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