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    DefaultLabradoodle session results

    Went to a close by dog park this morning for exercise, no water. We are going to have to leave HK alone for most of the afternoon, so I wanted to make sure she got her exercise. We met up with a Labradodle. Didn't have camera. Nice friendly 3 year old, lab coat except for ears, tall and slender. Well, it was a full 45 minutes of running. I think the slowest motion I saw was a fast trot. They did stop for water a few times. We got home, and this was the result. HK couldn't even make it to her kitchen bed mat.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: Labradoodle session results

    The floor prolly feels much better to her than the bed though!

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    DefaultRe: Labradoodle session results

    ahhhhhhhhhhh nice cool tile floor. Looks like HK is down for the count.

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    DefaultRe: Labradoodle session results

    Cooper and I do a 6.5 km walk on weekends, try to go both days but certainly every Sunday a.m. It's our ritual. When we get home, he barely makes it to his usualy morning sleeping spot - patio door mat, in the sun. He's pooped because for 6.5 km, he runs, runs, RUNS!!!

    Hope you had a good snoozzzzze, HK!


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    DefaultRe: Labradoodle session results

    Looks like she's down for the count

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    DefaultRe: Labradoodle session results

    Ahhhhh, relaxed doggie! ;D

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