Practically had a heart attack!!!
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Thread: Practically had a heart attack!!!

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    everythings going fine, let the pups out, got the laundry off the line...came back in, grabbed a receipt to add to my raw feeding list...headed upstairs.
    when i go upstairs it only takes a short while for coco to run upstairs and join me...few minutes after that then corona starts trotting in too.
    cainan isnt too fond of the upstairs so i just let him stay downstairs, which is fine because they all normally take naps anyways because it's after they've eaten and had a little play time outside...
    well coco came up...didnt think anything of it, figured corona wanted to stay with her BOYFRIEND :-*
    so...cainan starts barking at the door, which it sounded like someone knocked so i went downstairs turned on a light and didnt see anyone...
    then i start counting dogs...
    1...2...1....2...where's 3!!! OMG WHERES 3!!!! (3=corona)
    so not completely panicked yet...
    the other day she snuck under the bed and hid there for a while so i look...nope nothing..
    then i start thinking i maybe left her upstairs so i start yelling CORONA....
    CORONA...come here baby!
    nope nothing so then im turning in circles thinking I've miscounted...she has to be right behind me and then going around to the other side when i turn...
    so im counting...1....2....1...nope still not there...
    OH BOy!!!!
    i hear that knock again...
    so then im thinking "god, did i leave her outside?" i could have sworn she came back in from getting the laundry with me...
    so i turn on the light and open the door...nope...
    OMG where is SHE AT!!!
    CORONA!! then the knock came from beside me(which is the basement door)
    it's ALWAYS SHUT!! they've NEVER been down there!
    so...i slowly open the door...peak, there's corona's little head!
    i open the door and slam it shut...omg how in the WORLD did you get down there!
    her tail is soo far between her legs...i have NO IDEA how long she was down there!
    maybe 20 minutes? i have no idea!
    talk about scary! i thought i had lost her forever!
    my baby!!! OMG!!! MY BABY!!!
    so i pushed on the door thinking maybe the little piece that holds it shut got someone jammed and she pushed the door shut behind her somehow?
    which is ALSO very weird because the door doesnt open opens inward and theirs stairs going DIRECTLY she would have almost had to stand up to push the door shut! we speak i have a chair in front of the door holding the knob so NO ONE can go downstairs...
    HOLY MOLY!!! i've never been so scared in my life!
    i dont have any idea how she got down there and got the door shut behind her!

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    DefaultRe: Practically had a heart attack!!!

    That would probably scare me just as much too, glad you found her!


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