Near Miss At An Intersection Tonight
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    DefaultNear Miss At An Intersection Tonight

    I was walking Tal (on leash of course) to the park around the courthouse to play fetch. I always stop, gently nudge his collar with the leash and say Tal, sit when we reach an intersection. As we started to cross this particular one, it looked clear, and we started to cross. There were some cars parked along the street so the view wasn't clear. I proceeded with caution and saw a car coming and immediately nudged Tal's leash and stopped. I never told him to sit. He just thought we were stopping at an intersection

    It's incidents like this is why I want him obedient. Not that I want him to be a bratty dog or anything, but his safety and well being are my first concern. I'm so proud of my boy!

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    DefaultRe: Near Miss At An Intersection Tonight

    Way to go Tal. ;D
    You are doing such a good job training him! I try to have Jefferson and Teddy sit when a car is passing (we don't have sidewalks) but I don't think the light bulb has turned on yet!!
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    DefaultRe: Near Miss At An Intersection Tonight

    Atta boy. Tal!

    Your strong bond with Tal and his complete trust in you is paying dividends! You should be very proud. Give Tal an ear-rub for me.


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