I have started taking wednesdays off to get cainan a little more prepared for his training classes next month. Well yesterday i took him on a morning walk...everything was going great till i happen to look across the street and see the CUTEST little yellow lab puppy EVER!!! oh gosh was he a cutie!
He was alot smaller then corona was when corona was 6 weeks old...so i dunno if he was the runt or what but ohhh back into puppy heaven i go!
well i stopped and swooned over this little thing for a few seconds or so...and then i said "cainan look at that little thing over there"
he didnt see it of course, so i grabbed his head and showed him....
of course by then he had perked up and was checkin the little guy out(might i remind you i was on the other side of the street as the pup tho)
the pup tried to come over to us by was on a leash...by himself.
I looked around and couldnt find anyone so i just stood there talking to myself...lol about how darn cute that puppy was and i was still kinda talking to cainan about the pup too.
well not to long after cainan's attention was on the pup a guy came outside and grabbed the pup, looked at me and glared at me like i was about to let cainan attack the poor thing and gruffly said HI! and turned and walked away.
I was a little errked by this guy because it wasnt like i was quiet about my "OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THAT" lol or "OHH I WANT ONE!!!" my talking was pretty loud because...well it was a puppy duh lol!
i know he heard me, he musta been right inside the door.
but it was like geez mister, cant u see i have one too...right here, on my leash? another lab!!!
some people :
but boy oh boy was that puppy cute