Ike and his chuck it
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Thread: Ike and his chuck it

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    DefaultIke and his chuck it

    Ike absolutely adores it when we play fetch with him. Lately we have been trying to teach him to bring us the chuck it. He'll bring every other toy in his box, refuses to pick up the chuck it. I know he knows what we mean when we refer to it. Any ideas on how to get him to bring it to us?

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    DefaultRe: Ike and his chuck it

    How about trying to give it to him and have him hold it for a minute then say "give or bring it to me." I don't know, just shooting off the top of my head. LOL

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    DefaultRe: Ike and his chuck it

    How ironic - Cooper is the same way! We have tried to give him the Chuck-It to carry but no way. He'll take it, but immediately drops it and starts sniffing for the ball! Oh well.



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