Grooming time = play time?
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Thread: Grooming time = play time?

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    DefaultGrooming time = play time?

    I could use some ideas here. So Boo isn't afraid of her brush or nail clippers but for some reason she has made the association that they are signs that is it playtime when they come out. She practically but tucks when she sees them.

    So far I have tried treats, wearing her out first or trying to groom her when she is on her leash without much success.

    At least baths are easy...

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    DefaultRe: Grooming time = play time?

    Can you have them out all the time so she sees them in any sitution? Put them by her food when she is eating, put them by her crate/bed when she is resting, heck--string em around your neck or hang em off a belt loop. We did this with the door bell. Rang it just for nothing during the day so it wasn't always meaning someone at the door.


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    DefaultRe: Grooming time = play time?

    Quote Originally Posted by Skubaa
    put them by her crate/bed when she is resting
    I did this with Davis. Worked great!


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