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    DefaultVacations and your lab

    Just curious to find out if I am expecting way tooooooo much. We are selling our vacation home and want to do more local traveling. I am hoping to take along Phoebe for our weekend jaunts.

    What kind of vacations do you guys take your dogs on and what kind of establishment do you stay in? Does the fact that your dog is CGC or trained help at all with innkeepers?


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    DefaultRe: Vacations and your lab

    I'm from England and there are good websites that tell you of "dog/pet friendly" accomodation, beaches, pubs and the like. I just googled pet friendly..... and the destination and lists appeared before my eyes- there were even specific water holidays for dogs that like swimming

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    DefaultRe: Vacations and your lab

    We haven't taken the dogs with us on a vacation yet. We were going to this year, but we ended up not taking vacation because we thought we might be moving.

    We stayed in a Lowes hotel last year, and they accept pets. We wondered if it was just small dogs, but when we got there we met a Blue Tick Coonhound in the lobby! ;D It was fun to see a big ole' dog in the lobby of a four star hotel. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Vacations and your lab

    I know a lot of people travel with their labs all the time, but I find overnight trips difficult. If you are traveling and driving alot, what if you want to go into a nicer resturant (translated - not the take-out window and eat in the car), or see a shop you'd like to check-out, or any "tourist attraction"? What do you do with the dog? Can't leave them in the car very long. I was very nervous just getting out to go to the restroom in a fast-food resturant the other night when it was 98 degrees out and leaving Emilu in the car AT ALL. I gave myself a 4 minute limit, and the car was pre-cooled , but it was still getting hot when I came back. We took a very long trip with Emi (to CapeCod) one summer. Traveling in the car was a piece of cake, and the hotel was fine (just remember that you probably can't just leave them in a hotel room (even in their crate) to go get the continental breakfast, because your dog that never barks at home DOES NOT want to be left in a very strange place by herself and loudly lets everybody know about it) So the trip was very concentrated on "what to do with the dog" - and this was just a quick 16 hr drive with no thought of actually "vacationing" on the drive. The only way I would travel with a dog is to be going to a place that we are going to stay at a while.

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    DefaultRe: Vacations and your lab

    We travel alot with our labs. We live in PA. We go a couple times a year to the Outer Banks in NC & rent a beach house there. We stay in nice hotels & have not had a problem with having the girls with us. Now we did eat take out alot when Abby was younger but now that they are trust worthy they can stay alone at the house when we want to go out & eat. Also, we do alot of hunt tests on the weekends & they now can stay in the room while we go eat. They just stay on the beds until we get back.
    I did buy a couple books, one was from AAA, that list all the hotels, motles & B&B's that allow dogs.

    It is alot of fun having them with us.


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