Maybe getting another puppy
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    DefaultMaybe getting another puppy

    We went to the dog park yesterday and one of the girls that comes up there was riding by. She wanted to stop and tell me that she is trying to find a home for one of the puppies she adopted from the spca. I am in love with this puppy and kept joking with her before I was going to steal him. He is a Lab/pit mix. But very sweet and calm. Nothing like what Mambo was at that age. He is maybe 3 months now. He has really big feet. His name is Max.

    She has someone holding him now until she can find a home for him, but she sad she is thinking they may just keep him. If not. I told he to call me and I would take him.

    I have a picture somewhere of him. Jerome doesn't sound to

    But if they decide to keep him, than it will work out just as good. The girl will get to see him all the time.

    Am I really ready for this again?

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    DefaultRe: Maybe getting another puppy

    I've been looking for a second doggie too, I'm going to check out the local shelters first and see what available. SU wants a smaller dog, I want another lab. Duke was a pretty easy puppy so I'm thinking the next one will be a little stinker! I'm going to look for a mature dog in the shelters first though cause I don't want to go through all the puppy stuff again.

    good luck Amanda I hope you get him.

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    DefaultRe: Maybe getting another puppy

    Quote Originally Posted by Mambo
    Am I really ready for this again?
    I ask myself that too when I start thinking of another one!
    We may start thinking about another one next year after Bailey is 2.

    Sounds like a cute little guy, good luck to him in finding a forever home whether it's with you or someone else!!


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