Tater is such a love bug
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Thread: Tater is such a love bug

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    DefaultTater is such a love bug

    Since I havent been feeling good he has been staying by my side. Last night he laid next to the couch while I slept and Cody played video games. This morning I woke up and he was on my side of the bed. (he sleeps on Codys side all of the time so that was a suprise this morning)

    When the alarm went off, he put his head next to mine and gave me a kiss. I said no not yet, he laid back down until it went off again. He put his two front paws on the bed and slid forward. All I could feel was a cold wet nose on my back and his soft ears on my arm. It was a nice way to wake up.

    I love having Tater sleep with us. He has gotten very good. Last night the bathroom door was open. He never got in te trsh can and never tried to get in the toilet. I am so proud of him ;D

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    DefaultRe: Tater is such a love bug

    Aww. Good boy Tater. Take care of mommy.


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