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    DefaultDog Lovers - SPAM?

    So I got this email, edited with personal numbers deleted.
    Never heard of these people before. They sent it to an obsolete email address I typically just use for SPAM prevention. Has anyone else gotten anything like this or know of legitimacy. No intention to respond to it if I don't hear that someone is familiar with the source.
    I suspect this is some sort of SPAM or other low level activity
    New Member,

    Here is your membership info for Dog Lovers.

    Member Number: XXXXX
    Temp Login ID: XXXX
    Your Password ID: XXXX

    Your temporary Login Info will expire in 24 hours. Please login and change it.

    Follow this Link: Dog Lovers

    Membership Support Department
    Dog Lovers
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    Felix Guest

    DefaultRe: Dog Lovers - SPAM?

    SPAM !! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Dog Lovers - SPAM?

    If you didn't sign up for it....SPAM
    Penny from Sunny Southern California


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