Champ learned to countersurf
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Thread: Champ learned to countersurf

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    DefaultChamp learned to countersurf


    I had almost convinced myself that Champ really was THAT well behaved, that he just knew better than to try to get food off the counter (I can be a bit delusional at times )

    I bought hot dogs to try for his high-value training treats (we started obedience classes last week), and cooked up the first one last night. I accidentally left the rest of the hot dogs on the counter. So I'm sitting in the living room, watching TV, when I hear "scratch, scratch, crinkle, plop" - and when I go in to investigate, Champ has pulled the bag of hot dogs off the counter and started to dig in.

    So now I guess I'll be keeping the counters a lot cleaner.

    On the bright side - I know he really, really loves his new training treats ;D

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    DefaultRe: Champ learned to countersurf

    Aww Champ... CJ welcomes you to club!
    Laura & CJ in New Hampshire

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    DefaultRe: Champ learned to countersurf

    Oh Champ, you have to be more sneaky & quite then that to get away with it.
    Bailey used to be one great counter server, but as we kept the counters clear she stopped trying.


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