Does one influance the other?
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Thread: Does one influance the other?

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    DefaultDoes one influance the other?

    I just got to thinking how much Zeus has learned from Mocha since we have had him. Mocha was about 3 when we got Zeus who was about 1 1/2 at the time. So far Mohca had taught Zeus to bark (he never barked before only yelped/whined), she has taught him to lay pretty when I'm fixing supper (hoping to get a bite), how to catch (he was scared of anything coming at his face at first now he'll try to catch it), how to play with other dogs (although he's still not great meeting new male dogs ???)

    I can't say I've noticed anything Zeus does rubbing off on Mocha though. I wish he would teach her how not to jump on people because he is great at that.

    So what have your dogs taught each other?

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    DefaultRe: Does one influance the other?

    Goliath has taught Bear where the cookie / food door is, that you can pee on mom's flowers as long as you think she won't see you doing it, and to bark and run in the general direction of where you think the noise is or person is that's coming in the house.

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    DefaultRe: Does one influance the other?

    Yes, dog's take some behaviour from each other

    And that could mean, the good stuff and the bad stuff !! :-X

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    DefaultRe: Does one influance the other?

    Breed has tought Sparrow good and bad things... She taught her how to sit! 1 point for Breed! and how to jump, dig, bury bones, tip the water bowl over, manipulate humans, etc, etc... -995452 points for Breed...

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    DefaultRe: Does one influance the other?

    I call Rhumba the copy cat around here. She watches EVERYthing that Lily does and goes right behind her and does it. She was hilarious as a real young pup. If Lil smelled something, Rhumba did. If she touched something with her nose, Rhumba did. Jump on the deck, Rhumbe tried. Jump on the bed, Rhumba tried. SHe can now do both the later.

    It is monkey-see, monkey-do.

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    DefaultRe: Does one influance the other?

    I love this topic.

    What Paddy does (11 years almost), Seamus does (5 years almost). Paddy raised Seamus from 8 weeks. They are thinkers and observers. Deep, deep souls those two.

    What Flynn does, NOONE does. They just can't keep up. ;D
    What Darwin (boy beagle) does, Scamp (boy Lhasa) does.
    What Meg (girl beagle) does, the others try to counteract.

    What Rusty (boy border collie) does, well, none of them can do what a border collie does but they do try to copy his excellent people manners.

    I love having so many dogs.

    Seamus and Flynn


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