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    Tater Tot Guest

    DefaultWhat a morning for us

    So I had been waking up all night because I didnt feel good. Well about 5am I heard that sound of a dog throwing up in our bedroom. He was on Codys side of the bed with his head under the bed. Then I was getting up saying "its ok Tater come here lets go down stairs" Well as he was walking to me he got sick again.

    After that I had to clean it up, he was all wide eyed wagging his tail and wanted to play. Well then I got sick (because I was already feeling bad).

    Took him out he went pee put him in his cage with water and he has been fine.

    Maybe he could feel moms pain and got sick for me. But he is fine now running around and what not so I came to work.

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    DefaultRe: What a morning for us

    Hope both you and Tater feel better.

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    Tater Tot Guest

    DefaultRe: What a morning for us

    I know he feels beter, he was running around. Me on the other hand am trying to keep down my waffle I had on the way to work. But thank you.


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