I Would Like to Talk Issues
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Thread: I Would Like to Talk Issues

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    DefaultI Would Like to Talk Issues

    Do your labs still have "issues?"

    I know most of our labs are very well behaved...doing agility, conformation, rally, have received their CGC, CGN....they go to "school," go hunting...

    Zoe has her CGC (at 8 months), that's it; however she has turned out to be a great dog.
    She is now 4-1/2 years old.

    Her issues:
    1. Chasing cats >
    2. Her recall is 98% I am working on the other 2% but see #1 above.
    3. Barking at strangers passing our home. Even non-strangers. I wake up at 4:15a.m. and take her to pee first thing. Sometimes the newspaper delivery guy is coming up our street. She does not bark at ANY passing car, except HIS. She probably wakes up the whole neighborhood. >
    4. Burping in my face. SU used to burp in her face. : Somehow she picked this up, and she'll come up to me and burp. (not really an issue but sheesh!)
    5. She still doesn't like rottie looking dogs. :-\
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Mine will chase cats, and they all bark at any cars or strangers walking down the road. We do live in a very rural area, so we don't much traffic, or walkers..... but when anything comes along, they are barking fools.

    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Mine arent cat chasers but they will jump like grasshoppers.. They semm to completely ignore the down command... Breed is a angel other than that But Sparrow still barks like a mad dog.. :

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Oh, issues! What are those?

    1) Stranger-danger
    2) Still too excitable
    3) No focus with distractions
    4) Eats non-food items (though not as bad as when he was young)
    5) Not good with grooming. It takes two people to hold him down.
    6) Not good at vet. It takes three people to hold him down.
    7) Has his own agenda for everything. Doesn't matter what you want.
    8) Oh, eats poo! Duh, how could I forget!
    9) Pulls like a sled dog even in a prong collar
    10) Is afraid of anything different in the house. Yesterday it was dry-cleaning on the guest bed.

    1) Can't make up his mind about the crate. He has been in "no crate" mode for a month. Today he jumped the baby gate to go upstairs to his crate. :
    2) Needy. Needy. Needy.
    3) Resource guarding (especially me, from Angus)
    4) Won't keep his face out of my face. Drips snot on me.
    5) Has an attention bark that will pierce your skull.
    6) Whines. He's whining right now.
    7) He's a crybaby.
    8) Terrible car rider (although better in the Volvo)
    9) Digging (though this has lessened some lately)
    10) Stalks and herds on walks

    Do you know, this made me realize: I don't think I could name a single issue that Crash had. Not a single one.

    Connie and "The Boys":
    Angus, Yellow Lab, CGC, RE, CD
    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Linda, those don't sound like "issues" (except the Rottie problem), they sound like pretty ordinary dog behavior to me. Theo likes to chase kitties (because he likes to sniff them) and barks at strange noises, too. I can call him off and/or quiet him down, but his urge is still there.

    Most of Theo's issues are entirely recall related:

    --Will blow me off to jump in the water.
    --Will blow me off to roll in and/or eat nasty stuff.
    --Will blow me off to say hi to intact males.

    These are 100% my fault, for not being methodical and consistent enough in off-leash training.

    Beyond that,

    --he whines in the morning
    --he cannot be trusted with food that is at his eye level or below (so coffee tables and picnics are problems)

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Sam really tries to be a good boy, however...when people come over, he sometimes (well, most of the time) gets too excited and jumps his feet off the floor (does not jump on them, but near them), barks at people that walk by the house, and (I especially accept full responsibility for this one) he demands treats after dinner and won't stop staring at the pantry until he gets one.

    Bodie does not at all try to be good, but the only bad thing he does is sometimes eat papers left in his reach when we're at work. He's too shy to do any of the obnoxious behavior described above. I guess his shyness could be an issue, but it's kind of a nice balance to Sam's in-your-face friendliness.

    Brenda, Sam & Bodie

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    My sweet, sweet Tucker has issues with:

    1) The vet - he turns into a shaking, neurotic mess just outside the door.
    2) Cleaning - as soon as the closet holding all of the cleaning product opens, Tucker is gone. Seriously, this dog would be happy living in complete filth.
    3) The vacuum - see #2
    4) Cleaning his ears - I think this is somehow related to #2
    5) All bodies of water (from pond to ocean) make his recall go buh-bye.

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    Scout and friends Guest

    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Good topic. Scout got her CGN last month, one leg towards her CD. But I'm more proud of that CGN. The day we did that test it was busy with lots of people and dogs and we'd never been there before. Lots of unexpected things happened and she did so well.

    Up until 18 mos she was issue-free, but then she started showing some fear reactions - sudden lunging and barking - and I got really worried about her. I didn't know how to handle it and worried about how bad it would get. She's come a long way and I think she's getting more comfortable in her skin. That being said, this edginess won't ever disappear completely. I don't think so anyway. It's part of who she is. I'm trying to show her what to do when she feels this way - watch me, listen to me, do as I say.

    Cats, fast moving young kids (they make her edgy from a distance, close up she is much better - odd), little dogs (but she gets along well with my mum's little dog, she lives with us now), fireworks (but we've started doing a bit of field work, preparing to maybe do a WC and she has no problem with the sound of gun shots), something that takes her by surprise - if someone she knows comes over and they have a hat on now. New and different can put Scout on edge.

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    cinders issues:

    wants to play outside constantly and this includes during pouring rain and blizzard conditions
    loves to sleep on the furniture when i have forgotten to put the couch cushions up
    hates to be toweled off when she is outside during said conditions
    does not like to move from her sleeping position on the bed when DH comes to bed late at night
    loves to eat brand new couch pillow corners
    loves to throw up, not on the easy to clean wood floors, but the tan carpet in the living room
    hates when i close the bathroom door and leave her outside of it
    she loves the vet

    Abbey's issues:

    hates any kind of water and will hold her poo the entire day until it's done raining out
    hates the vacuum
    hates when cinder bothers her during her nap time
    loves to sleep on her back- loves to sleep in general
    hates when her mommy goes to work- hence a lick sore on her front leg
    hates thunderstorms
    loves to have her ears cleaned
    hates the hardwood floors around the house-we have towels everywhere to help her get around
    loves the neighbors brown cocker spaniel "Buster"
    loves kids- they are at that lick level
    she loves the vet

    i could keep going but those are the big ones.

    Sam 9-27-07

    Mojo 7-6-12

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    DefaultRe: I Would Like to Talk Issues

    Athena's issues are:

    1) Big white trucks. She doesn't seem to like white and will bark and growl when they drive by the house.
    2) Driving by the lake she goes swimming in....constant whining and ear piercing barking...BUT MOM i WANT TO SWIM!!
    3) Squirrels and Bunnies....she SO wants to catch one. I let her out the back door and she breaks out in a sprint hoping to sneak attack one before it sees her coming.
    4) My fault - in the evening after she goes to the bathroom she expects a breath buster....She will stare at you with those big brown eyes for her treat. How can I resist?

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