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    If anyone remembers I posted about Petsmart Dog Hotel and their Doggy Day Camp. I took Billie there out of desperation last week, needing to get her at least SOME exercise. We spent the weekend out and about as the heat finally broke a bit. She even got to go to a picnic and amusement park for the Fireman's Relief Fundraiser. She had a blast and was such a good girl!

    They were nice, and she did get some exercise. But their play areas are small and I guess the dogs are rotated in and out. Spending time in kennels otherwise. She won't be going back there.

    I found another place...much better. I'm going to check out another one too. I guess I just had to talk to a million people and word of mouth would help me find these places...they're sure not easy to find in the phone book or on the web!

    This is the first one:
    and the second:

    I've seen the Puppys Playpen and I'm going to try them first. I have to go check out the World of Fun next. Any thoughts on them? I am a total novice to this daycare thing. Everyone I have talked to has little tiny dogs so daycare for them is a totally different experience. I need Lab perspective.


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    Leah, my son works for Pet Smart and he said as nice as the Doggy Day Camp is....that it is really better suited for smaller dogs.
    They had 2 Labs and an English setter there at the same time..and these 3 wanted to really rough house and the size of the play area just is not suited for playful, rowdy labs.

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    I think that's exactly it. I thought they were sooo nice and the facility was great...but I was surprised to see so many big dogs going in. It just seemed like a little dog kinda place once I really got to thinking about it. Feel pretty dumb now...I guess desperation overruled my judgement at that point.


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