A young couple moved in next door and they have a 10 m/o boxer-x. Not sure what he is mixed with. He seems really good. They spend some time with him and keep him on a tie out hooked to the clothes line usually when they are outside. Their yard is not fenced and they are just renting the house.

Today I did not realize until late this afternoon no one had been home all day! The dog was tied out on the clothes line. He had shade but I figured he could not have any water. So I brought Tal in the house and as I went out the back door the people returned home. I knew better than to say anything.

I heard him barking earlier but he will do that sometimes when he sees Tal and me thru the gaps in the fence. I'll pay closer attention if there is a next time. Oh yeah, he is intact so I really don't want him and Tal playing together. Might get ugly.