Phoebe did the Titanic today
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Thread: Phoebe did the Titanic today

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    DefaultPhoebe did the Titanic today

    She went on her first boat ride today and loved it. She was a little nervous when we picked up speed, but for the most part enjoyed every second. She stood half the time with her front paws on the front step and nose pointing forward. The boat has this little foot pool in front that has a "fountain" we can turn on and off. We would spurt water and she'd chase the fountain. She would dig in the water for a while. Then she laid by my feet when I drove. I am so glad we tried it. It is fun having her there as a part of the family.

    On a side note, I tried letting her go in our swimming pool without her lifevest and I swear she freaked when she realized she didn't have it on. Phoebe jumped in, started paddling and her whole body sank except her head and that barely stayed above water. She wasn't comfortable or happy. I jumped in and took her to the stairs to get her vest on. That answered that question for us.


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    DefaultRe: Phoebe did the Titanic today

    Glad I am not the only one that has a water phobic Lab. Glad fun was had by all!

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    DefaultRe: Phoebe did the Titanic today

    Probably best that she's happy to tolerate a life vest anyway. Glad everyone had fun.


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