To the parK!!!
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    DefaultTo the parK!!!

    We just got home from the park...i forgot my camera but i ran back home to grab it!! Unfortunately when i got back, the pups were already tuckered out but i did manage to get some good pictures!! Enjoy!

    oohhh whats over there?

    and there?

    and....wait, you wanted me to look at you?

    cainan my man!

    Home we go!

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    DefaultRe: To the parK!!!

    Nice playground! They've got some serious tongue going on... was it pretty hot? It's cooled off to 91* for us today... finally got some retrieves in.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    DefaultRe: To the parK!!!

    i believe low 80's today! it's FINALLY cooled off the last day and a half! it was getting pretty bad, but theirs a nice breeze now, so it feels almost...chillie...hehe!


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