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    This morning, being Saturday, I took Tal to the park to play fetch. We were having a good time and were getting ready to leave when a lady came in with two dogs.

    The dogs were off leash which if it were just in the park...fine...but she was walking along a neighborhood street with them off leash. Another issue entirely.

    One dog was a chocolate Lab, the other looked like a Border Collie. Both dogs seemed well behaved and after I saw that I thought maybe she brought them in to play with him. That would have been fine once I saw they seemed ok. They seemed as anxious to play with Tal as he did to play with them.

    When the lady approached me I said hi and asked if her dogs were friendly and if so would they like to play with Tal. Never responded to my question but asked if I had seen any dogs around the park. I said no and asked what kind. Never made an answer just said thanks and left with her two. I swear she seemed like she was on something. She didn't act upset or even anxious. It was just strange.

    Anyone else ever have an encounter like that?

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    We have this fellow who has some mental impairment, I'm not sure what, or to what extent, but he does live alone with his poodle/malamute cross. He's totally off the wall most days. He's followed us home on a few occasions. Usually if he's there in the park before me, and there's noone else, I leave. If there's others, I'll stay.

    But yep, he's weird.
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