A question about boric acid/ear cleaning
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Thread: A question about boric acid/ear cleaning

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    DefaultA question about boric acid/ear cleaning

    OK...I finally ran down the gentian violet. CVS ordered it for me. :-*

    So now I have Witch Hazel and gentian violet. The boric acid is what I am wondering about.

    I asked the pharmacist if this was the same boric acid that you find in the pesticide aisle. She looked it up in her book and said it looked to her like there was only one kind of boric acid, and that was it.

    This seems...scary? to me.

    Where did you get your boric acid? Is it really the same kind that you use as a pesticide? My mom has some, and if it's the same thing I will go over and make the ear stuff over there because frankly, it's freaking me out to think about having it in the house.

    Just triple-checking before I do anything. Thanks

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    DefaultRe: A question about boric acid/ear cleaning

    Connie. Use the Witch Hazel a few times a week, or even every other week. It is a natural astringent. Don't try to overdo!

    With all my dogs I have never had ear problems *knock wood*. I tissue their ears out when I see them scratch, check the tissue, smell the ear. If I think they need it I saturate a tissue or cottonball with W/H and clean the ear as safely into the canal as my index finger can reach. Maybe drizzle some W/H in there to sink deeper into the canal.

    Don't fight their own natural defenses. Just keep the ears clean as simply as you can.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    DefaultRe: A question about boric acid/ear cleaning

    Call the pharmacy and ask if they stock it or can get it for you. I was able to find the gentian violet at one pharmacy but had to go to another for the boric acid.

    Like any acid strength matters. The boric acid in the ear solution is so little it is diluted so much it is will not harm them. The amount used in pesticide is much larger so the concentration is higher and causes the problem.

    Remember you are trying to kill germs/yeast so you need something like the boric acid to do it. There is boric acid in my favorite powder to use on healing a rash works wonders.

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    DefaultRe: A question about boric acid/ear cleaning

    I got mine in the Walmart pharmacy.



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