So Freakin' Mad!! (Long) Update #! and #2
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Thread: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long) Update #! and #2

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    DefaultSo Freakin' Mad!! (Long) Update #! and #2

    Update #2

    Well, I just got off the phone with the woman. The one woman who took the message called her partner to have her deal with me. I was livid and pointed out all the things that I saw and how my dogs were today.

    She had answers for all of them and she guaranteed me that the dogs were walked 3 times per day. I said from their stress and energy, I highly doubted it but there is no way for me to disporve her.

    I also asked her why they were covered in their own feces and urine. We had to wash them twice to get rid of the smell and they still smell slightly. She had nothing to say for that except sorry and she would pay for the grooming cost. I said it is a little late for that since I have already washed them.

    Then I brought up how Petey had lost weight. She said, "Oh the black one?" I answered yes. According to her he had severe diarrehea for 3 days straight and wouldn't eat for the first day or so. She couldn't even give me an exact amount of time that he hadn't eaten for. I said we were told everything was fine, there were no problems with either of them. We should have been alerted about the fact that he wasn't eating and definately that he had severe diarrehea. We had left numbers and an emergency contact.

    After we got through all of that, she said that if we had not shown up unepectedly the dogs would have been cleaned up. I lost it at that point and said, "So what you are telling me is that if we had phoned you, you would have cleaned them up and covered up how they were mistreated." She swore that she didn't mean it that way but I said it sounded like that and I had given them a time that we would be there at on Thursday so I didn't think we would need to phone. I also said that we shouldn't have to give them a heads up.

    I yelled about a bunch of stuff and she said that she is sorry we had such a bad impression of everything and she would send me a cheque for the kenneling fees. I went on for a bit, yelling at her and how stressful it is to come home and find out that your dogs have been mistreated. Any restorative effects of the holiday were completely gone once we saw the dogs in that state.

    I really thought that they would treat the dogs much better. The women do yoga and natural life planning and other stuff. I thought, hey they will treat the dogs really well and if I like them I will use them for future trips and also for yoga when we move. Now they are never going to get the dogs again and they are not going to get me as a yoga client.

    Update #1

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I thought that I was feeling better today but then I got up and the dogs still smelled like crap. I am off this morning to buy a different dog shampoo, and hopefully they will be clean after another bath. They are still kind of whiney but that could be from having the bath and such. My DH gave them a bath and he mentioned today that Petey has lost weight in the 5 days that he was at the kennel. So I was really mad about that. It is hard enough getting the weight onto him even with raw and they went and took it all off. I think they screwed up the feeding instructions and only fed them once per day at a half serving. Indi seems smaller but she is a heavier dog so you don't notice it as much.

    We also looked at the bag of dog food we sent in. It was half full, there was enough for about 7 days and we got it back there is still enough food for at least 5. There should only be the dregs in the bag today. So needless to say my stress shot up again.

    I phoned them but they weren't there. I did leave a nasty message and I told them that I expected a phone call back asap. I will try them again this afternoon.

    I will update when I get more from them. I didn't even demand my money back because it isn't about the money. It is about how the dogs were treated. I mean I could have left them at home and asked a neighbour to come feed them and they would have received better care. There are vacations where the dogs cannot come, there is no way around it. We knew that we would be gone through out the day going to places that don't allow dogs. We couldn't leave them for 12 hours straight and we couldn't leave them in the van so we did the responsible thing and left them at what we thought was a good kennel. Now I'm going to be so hesitant to leave them and I already have a hard enough time going away for trips.

    Anyway, that is where we are right now. Waiting for a phone call back, running out for a dog shampoo and a treat for Petey. Indi has a marrow bone but Petey hates bones so I have to go get him something else. The treats that we sent up hadn't even been used. Pissed me off even more.

    I will keep you posted though.


    I am so mad tonight!! My family and I went away for a 5 day mini vacation. We had a great time, only a few problems but we kenneled the dogs for the long weekend. OUr regular kennel was booked up full and will be full for most of August. They are really good, 1 to 5 ratio for handler to dogs, the dogs go for a twice daily walk, a free play in a work out yard by themselves with the handler (one on one, they don't mix dogs), and they keep them clean and happy. Usually when we pick them up they look happy, and only have that kennel smell to them. Everything we send in is as clean as when it got there and the kennels are spotless. Usually you will go in and find them doing laundry all the time to keep it clean. Great kennel 5 star rating.

    Anyway, we decided we would try a different kennel that we heard was good. It is closer to the town we are moving to in about 2 weeks and we thought if we like it, we will start using them because our regular kennel is already 45 minutes out of our way and when we move it will be almost 2 hours. So anyway, we dropped the dogs off and they seemed alright. I was trying to keep an open mind because we were spoiled.

    Anyway, before leaving they asked me to phone when I was coming so they could have everything ready for them. I said I would try but I doubted that I could since we had no cell phone with us and we were coming from a tourist location, not where we were staying. I said we would be around 6 and no later than 7. They have an open pick up time. Anyeay, we didn't get a chance to phone so we drove right through. Traffic was bad and it was raining so we just wanted to get Petey and Indi and go home.

    We pull up and they are in their pool (the kennel is on their farm/yoga/dog kennel). NO biggie, it was 20 after 6 and I figured they were just relaxing before bedding the dogs down for the night. The woman came over to me and when I asked her if they were any troule she said, oh no, no trouble at all. I was shocked because my brats will take advantage of new people and act like asses when they can get away with it. Pulling, jumping up and that kind of stuff. Nope just energetic but no problem. My red flag should have went off.

    Then she said, oh they fight you know. Second red flag. These two never fight when they are indoors or outdoors for that matter, they will rough house and play bitey face but nothing else. They have always been kenneled together with no problems. I asked if they were fed together since we left instructions not to feed together just to make sure they didn't get into a food bowl tug of war. She said yes but they would fight when she put them back together. I was shocked but thought, new place, new circumstances.

    Then I went back to get them. The smell of urine and s$it burned my nostrils. The kennels had piss in them and were just disgusting. Then I find Indi and Petey and they are covered in shit and piss, their kennels are horrific and they were wired. You could tell that they did not get to go outside for walks or play sessions that these women had advertised. They were in seperate kennels and the whole place reeked. I was so mad I wanted to lunge at the woman.

    Then I get them out of the kennels and took them out without leashing them. Petey was freaking, just whining like crazy, completely stressed. Indi wanted to play because she spent 5 days in a little kennel and outdoor run. Indi jumped up on me and mouthed my arm and when she pulled away there was blood. I lost it at that point and said, she is bleeding, what the hell is going on. The woman pulled this, oh really, that must have just happened. I checked her out, checked her mouth and it was just a nip on her tongue but I was still really mad.

    I was in absolute shock and didn't say anything to the woman. I just wanted to get the dogs in the van and get the hell out of there. DH and I were furious and it was DH who said they haven't been out for 5 days or else they wouldn't be like this, they were so stressed and so full of energy. They never piss inside, even at the other kennels and even their pillows were so shitty that I told her to throw them out. I mean what dog deficates on something they sleep on, not mine that is for sure.

    The dogs smelt so bad we had to drive teh rest of the way home with the windows wide open and they had to have a bath right away before they were allowed in the house. I will never use her again and I am pretty sure that I will be phoning her tomorrow to ask her what the hell she did to the dogs.

    I was fuming for the entire ride home and for about 3 hours after I got home while I unpacked. I have only finally started to calm down. I just know that I will never, never, never, never use that freakin; kennel again.

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    Sirena, that's awful!! >

    I'd be soo pissed too. Where did you leave them? (you can PM me if you don't want to say out loud) I'm only asking because my SIL's sister will be kenneling her dog in this area next April and I don't want her to have the same awful experience as you guys did! She usually takes Riley to Country Paws.

    Hugs to Indi and Petey!

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    And that RIGHT THERE is the reason I don't go out of town without my dogs.

    Sorry the kids were exposed to that...

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    Sorry you had such an awful expierence.

    In the past we use to go to a kennel with our old dog. Mind you, this kennel was owned by family of a Sherriff who has a canine unit. Well we knew Garrett could be a handful, but his look was worse than his bite. There wasn't one person there that could get this dog out of his kennel while he was there. After his second trip there, and the second time I had to retrieve my own dog out of the kennel, I thought to myself, if I am the one that is getting him out of his cage, who is getting him out of his cage when I am not there.

    We did our homework, and found a better kennel that we fell in love with. Always clean, never walk in and smell urine or feces. They never had a problem with Garrett, and always brought him back to us with his tail wagging. I only wish everyone had a kennel as nice as this one.

    Once she calm down, I would be calling this kennel and talking to this owner. If this is how your dogs were treated, and here they are out lounging at the pool, I would be not happy, and wanting my money back. No reason for them to have to be treated in such inhumane ways.


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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    Sorry your pups had to go through that. You just never know what a place will be like.

    We used to use a really great Pet Resort when we had our last lab, but the last time we had to board her there.....they gave her to another lady. What butthead wouldn't know there own dog? But the lady;s kids said that wasn't their dog & the only reason she brought the dog back was to complain that she was crying & her tongue was bleeding. Thank God we were there to pickl her up or who knows what would have happened. Shadow ran up to my husband & when he bent to put her leash on the idiot lady started yelling not to put a leash on her dog. We asked her to please wait until they brought "our" lab up. Well up the steps comes this lab with 2 white back paws. : And the lady yells..."There's my Nikki "...No shit lady...that was what I was trying to tell you.

    To sum it up, they made you take all collars off & the owner was away & two young attendents left two black labs out & then put them back in the wrong kennels. Shadow ended up with stress colitis from being fed the wrong dog food.

    We called he owner 2 days later & said how horrified we were at what happened because Shadow could have run away from that lady & we may never have found her. I got a refund but that was not the point.

    We did find another good kennel...not as fancy, no indoor pool, no massages....but at least they didn't mix up any dogs. But since then we go to the Outer Banks & take the girls with us. They get boraded only if we have to fly somewhere & that is rare now.

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    No wonder you were so mad, i would have been too. It is hard enough having to put our dogs into these places, we trust these people and their well advertised establishments. No wonder that terrible woman wanted you to call ahead, she probably wanted to try and make things look more hunky-dory. Poor Indi and Petey, i hope they are feeling a little better since getting home and having a nice bath. I think you should name and shame them or at least report them for such insanitary conditions.
    Hugs and love to those dogs of yours x

    "some days you are the dog, some days you are the tree!"
    Kate mom to Jed Jasmine and Joelly

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    Ooooh... I'm glad you controlled yourself... I have a feeling if I saw my dog in such conditions my fists would go flying. That makes me so mad. I hope that place gets shut down!

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    I would not have kept my cool.

    I have left her once at a place called Sleep Over Rover. I was so afraid I drove the 6 hours with her to Vegas and boarded her there where I was (my BR was getting married) These people were great they contract with families to board dogs in their homes. They gave me references for the family she stayed with and they had a Chessie so they knew what to expect of a 14 month old lab. Now her doggie daycare does boarding and they are web-cam 24/7.

    Glad to know Indi and Petey are ok. I would file a complaint with your Better Business Bureau and let you vet know as they are often ask about Pet Resorts. In fact I would tell everyone you know to spread the word

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    So sorry your poor pups had to endure this :'(. Please report this lady to the authorities, what she did is wrong and unless she is turned in it will happen to others! I was thinking about kenneling Sammi in a couple of weeks for just a couple of days while I'm out of town, but it worked out that DD and DH will be around to take care of her, boy after your story I am so glad!

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    DefaultRe: So Freakin' Mad!! (Long)

    The last time we went out of town & kenneled the girls... we missed them so much (Mia & Molly) We decided we would not go if we couldn't take them with us! Since then we have a dog sitter come in & the girls can STAY IN THEIR HOME! The girls love her & she does a good job. We just go for day trips but haven't even been able to do that this summer.
    Sorry things went so poor for your pups!
    Karen, Mom to the Lab Monkeys:
    Daisy DoBug YL 7 yr old
    Kiana YL 5/2006
    Piglet 4/2006 Lab @ Heart
    Liberty 7/2/2009
    **Bella Mia 5 yo (RIP~2/07)**
    *Molly Blu 2.5 yr old (RIP~7/06)*

    LOLIN.ORG Saving one lab at a time.

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