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    Sorry it has been so long since last post....but Poppy has had a rough few months. She has been plagues by infections....if not her ears then her paws. We wnet camping in Wales (UK) and she cut open a pad...thanks to self mutilation and being Sheep country she got quite a bad infectionin her front and rear left paws.....Vet was considering x-ray and possible amputation of a particularly bad toe! However i digress...

    Good news from the Orthapeadic Specialist.....Poppy does not need a Hip Replacement for the next 5-6years...if at all! I have to say a big thank you to our Hydrotherapist because if it was not for her....surgery would be needed. She is off all medication and due to new researchis not even taking any joint aid! But fish oil has been recommended as an alternative. We have had to take the last few weeks easy due to no pain relief..but she has not had any problems so at last i can treat my 15 month old puppy as a puppy!

    Needless to say...she is doing well...enjoying life and being a puppy! I know that her elderly years will not be easy...but i would like to think that all the hard work over the last 6 months has done it's job and that we will have several years of a fun lab.

    The moral of this story is...to all you HD sufferers..although the condition will never go away...there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

    Michelle and Poppy

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    DefaultRe: Poppy Update

    I am glad to hear Poppy is doing better.


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