How to fatten up safely?
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Thread: How to fatten up safely?

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    DefaultHow to fatten up safely?

    I just picked Duke up from his boarding place today. He was there for a week while we were on vacation--it's also the place where he goes for day camp and socialization once or twice a week. He has never stayed there overnight, let alone for a whole week, and today when I picked him up I saw that he was noticeably skinny. I mean, I can see his ribs, and even his hip bones a little bit! I know they fed him three times a day, but wonder if he just burned so many calories outside all day that he lost some weight. What ways can I fatten him up a little without just overfeeding him? Should I get a bag of puppy food and mix it in with his regualr? He's almost 7 months, and has been off his puppy food for about a month or so.

    I gave him a hollow bone filled with peanut butter today, but wonder if you all had any other suggestions??


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    DefaultRe: How to fatten up safely?

    don't worry about it. He will be fine with your normal feedings.
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    DefaultRe: How to fatten up safely?

    I agree with Dani, you pups will go to his normal weight on his regular diet without any need to add more food. My Scotty also lost a bit of weight after boarding (we were also on vacation). I think he just was not getting as many treats as he does at home. He pretty soon got back to his normal weight w/o extra food.

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    DefaultRe: How to fatten up safely?

    I agree he'll fill back in aftering being back home and on his normal routien.


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