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    Just kidding. Our little boy is really coming around. We adore him. His mouthing was getting to be too much, out of control. I started using bitter apple on my hands and feet every morning. Since then he has become so good. He chews his toys, and not our hands. He comes to us and cuddles up around our feet wherever we are.

    This weekend we took him to meet my wife's childhood dogs, a yorkie and a westie. Tucker is bigger than the yorkie but not the westie. Maybe next week. The yorkie is a terror and needs a visit from Cesaer Milan. But the westie and him had a great time. His little personality was adorable and they play so well with each other.

    He also met an older basset hound and a giant 150+ lb lab. He liked them but didn't play much. I feel really bad for the lab. It seriously is as big around as a keg, maybe even bigger. He recently has developed some type of cancer effecting his thyroid and just blew up almost overnight.

    He loves being in a crate, we travel in a car with him in the crate, he spends time sleeping in his crate even though we don't put him there. The other day we wanted to watch a movie, Tucker was sleeping so we tossed him in the crate, so we didn't have to keep an eye on him constantly. He doesn't whine or bark just lays down and goes back to sleep. This is something I could have never done with my childhood dog, he would have FLIPPED if we put him in a crate while we were home.

    My parents also have a 17 week old Golden who is just a couple months older than our pup. I don't want to say it but its kind of been a bit of a "competition" who is doing a better job. I know I compare us to them with how we are doing. I don't want to toot my own horn but we are slautering them. They have given up on the crate and let the golden sleep in their room because he barks all night and tows them around, and still pees and poops everywhere.

    I couldn't be happier (unless I could sleep through a whole night) with this little gremlin. He's great, I just had to vent.

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    DefaultRe: My horrible little gremlin

    Sounds like you are almost through puppyhood and about to enter the early teens. The mouthing will slow down but will be replaced by a certain deafness that makes them not hear your commands. Of course they hear, they just pretend they don't.
    Don't get me started on Yorkie behavior. I have yet to meet one that did not have an aggressive nasty disposition. I have been told that terriers defy obedience training but I wonder if anyone has ever tried to train one.

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    DefaultRe: My horrible little gremlin

    You've gotta love the selective hearing or all together deafness.


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