Good learning experience...but no Q's......
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Thread: Good learning experience...but no Q's......

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    DefaultGood learning experience...but no Q's......

    Took Rider (and Rookie) down to Williamston to participate in our first ever AKC agility trial. Up until this point, we've been running CPE and UKC. Well, in AKC, he jumps 24" in UKC, it's 20". That's a big difference. I have jumped him 24" before in practice...but never in competition. Both days we NQ'd on both standard and Jumpers With Weaves. We ran the best on Saturday at on Jumepers but were over time and had a few faults. Today, Rider knocked down so many bars we could have gotten drunk :P....I do have to say that both JWW and Standards when he knocked down the first was really my fault. I was positioned in a way that didn't entice him to clear it...

    Ah well. I learned a lot, I stewarded both days, and I got to hang out with Nicole (JacksAndLabs) and her crew! Now that we have an AKC trial under our belts, it can only get better from here right?

    Anywho...that was my weekend.

    Oh, and I will post pictures tomorrow.
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    DefaultRe: Good learning experience...but no Q's......

    Learning experiences are always good, Dani. Now you know what to work on, and next time Rider-doo will place!
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy


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