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    I just saw an ad for a pet brush called the FURminator; it was on Amazon.com. Kind of spendy but if it works.......my two are really shedding and at this point I'll try almost anything. By the threads here I am not alone. Has anyone tried this brush???

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    Hey ya, just saw your post. I have the furminator (the one with the yellow handle right?). I bought it from my vet which was a bit cheaper than buying on line or in a pet store.
    It works quite well on Saba. It gets a lot of the undercoat out, it works almost like a razor. The only thing you have to be carefull with is not to press too hard or you'll irritate the skin. But you'll know how hard to press - you'll feel it. I brush Saba with it once a week during our grooming regime, and after that I use a softer brush to get the rest of the loose hair off and to give his coat a nice shine (to be fair, I have to also use - at the very end - a lint brush - the sticky roller, because he goes absolutely beserk for it ???so I make him happy... lol.. So far for me I have to say it was worth spending the $$.


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