dakotas foot is bothering her.. Ideas please
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Thread: dakotas foot is bothering her.. Ideas please

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    Kathryn Guest

    Defaultdakotas foot is bothering her.. Ideas please

    I took her wrap off like they told me to do. They said I didnt need to put another back on... after taking it off Dakota starting licking... Leave it was not going to work. So I wraped it up again.. I left to go get something to eat and I come home. I come in my room and I have no light and am not talk enough to change it myself (even with a chair). So all the light is the computer. I felt something wet on the floor.. I turned the TV on and opened the door and turned on the hall light. I didnt see anything.. Then I noticed something white by Dakotas foot. I go to pick it up and its the tape from her foot!!!!!!!!!!!! Little monster ate the toe off the wrap : .
    So before I could eat I had to go find all my stuff to re wrap her foot. and she did NOT like that at all!!

    Should I keep it wraped? it has not dried out like they said it would. It looks the same just less blood (after she licked it it started to bleed again). Are the Ecollars you can get at petco worth it? I have to leave tomorrow for a while and no one to watch Dakota. I dont want her to eat the wrap on her foot. By eat I mean eat. not just chew..
    Any ideas would be great! THanks!

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    DefaultRe: dakotas foot is bothering her.. Ideas please

    It's not going to dry up when it's wrapped. I'd get an e-collar at PetSmart -- take Dakota with you to make sure it's going to work -- and loosely wrap (just to keep it clean & protected) it until you can get her to the vet on Monday. You've GOT to get a handle on getting this thing healed before it turns into a catstrophe. When choosing an e-collar the longer it is, the better. Don't think a short, stout one will help. She'll be able to get around it. Also, if you can give her something to keep her quiet that will help.

    Frankly, if it looks bad in the morning I'd be inclined to take her to an emergency vet. Youcould be headed for all sorts of problems, including surgery or worse, if it doesn't heal. An injury like this isn't something you want to let go.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: dakotas foot is bothering her.. Ideas please

    Its only been 4 days so I am not expectin much..
    I dont have it wraped real well. Just enough to keep dirt and stuff off.
    There isnt an emergency vet here. The only reason a vet would go in on a sunday is if a dog was dieing broke a bone or was having major prob. I have to take Jacey in on monday to get a hearworm pill Ill ask them what they think then. I dosnt look bad. but I dont know what it is suppost to look like anyway ???


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