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    Going to the beach is a big deal for us, as it's about a 35 mile (one way) trip for us. But once we get there it's well worth the effort.

    Today as we were coming back to our towel for a little drink a beautiful black boy came charging over & stuck his nose right into my doggie bag. He knew there were treats in there, of course! Well, I couldn't resist, and when his owner caught up with him, apologizing profusely, I asked her permission to give him and Jed one, and she agreed. His name was Duncan. Jed's 14 months old, and Duncan's 10 months -- almost perfectly matched, size-wise. They both sat like true gentlemen & gently took a biscuit from my hand (at the same time).

    I got to talking with Duncan's owner, and it turns out that she's a first-time Lab owner, and it was kind of by accident. Apparently she was at an auction (I didn't ask for what), and after 2 martinis found out that she'd out-bid everyone for this beautiful boy! Her son (who looked to be about 12) is totally devoted to this guy, and it's obvious that he's got an incredible home. They own a landscaping service so he gets to go to work with them every day, and for a baby has incredible manners. It was fun sharing growing-up stories & giving them a little heads-up about what to expect in the next few months.

    Made me think, if only for a moment, about having a buddy for Jed ...

    Sorry there aren't any pictures, but a camera and young dog at the beach don't mix. Some day, though!

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    DefaultRe: A Day at the Beach

    Awww sounds like they'd be perfect buddies! Someday I'd like to have a buddy for Trooper too. ;D


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